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8-я Воздушная Армия Аэродром?

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Привет храбрые пилоты,

Пожалуйста, Вы можете сказать мне, где 8-я Воздушная армия базировалась 15 августа 1942?

(Извините, если текст странно, я использую перевод Google)

Всего доброго 

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I think it's a very big question cuz:


Всего в состав 8-й воздушной армии вошло 49 авиационных полков, имевших 596 боевых самолетов, 116 - вспомогательной авиации и 124 - транспортных.

from here: http://militera.lib.ru/h/gubin_kiselev/01.html


8th Air Army included 49 Air Regiments which had 596 warplanes, 116 support planes (I'm not sure what is it, perhaps trainers or something like that) and 124 cargo planes. 
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Hi friend!

After  NobbyNobbs's topic the task becomes more specific job. If I remind the information about location of what u want, I'll try  to help... But I need a time. Wait a little.

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According to this and this HQ was deployed on Donskaya street near railway station in the north part of Stalingrad. 

It looks a bit strange for me, cuz railway station is the place where famous fountain with children and crocodile is. Is it looks like "north"? Well I don't know.
Btw I found the old plan of Stalingrad and couldn't find Donskaya street near the railway station, but I found Donetskaya street. And according the second link in august, 23 Hrukin was in house #42 on the crossroad of Nevskaya and Donskaya streets. And there is Nevskaya street on the plan and it is near the railway station and it crossed with Donetskaya street.
So I think Donskaya it's missprint or something like that and HQ was on Donetskaya street.
I highlighted Nevskaya and Donetskaya streets on the plan by green. Short line is Nevskaya.
PS. my english is weird but I hope you will understand it  :biggrin:


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