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  1. Поздравления для Gladiator! За ваше здоровье!
  2. Thanks Victor! С Новым Годом!
  3. Это выглядит опасным ! Но это хорошо, чтобы знать, что это почти готов. Контроллеры слияние является инновационным шагом! Благодарность за тщательной работы ! (^ Google Translate)
  4. Hi WordSmith, I've created a 3 modes configuration for the Black Mamba a while ago. BVR/NAV/VIS will be used as the mode selector. Try it if you wish. VKB NJoy32 PRO profile MODES.zip
  5. That's great news. I know some people (mostly in the USA and France) were reluctant to order because of the payment method. Fortunately several reports have cleared the WU as safe for VKB on several forums but not every sim enthusiast will see these messages. I'm sure АлиЭкспресс will be helpful in that regard. Google translate:
  6. Так держать! Спасибо за отличный вариант обновления.
  7. Большое спасибо за информацию! Это включает комплект кулачков с разным профилем?
  8. Here's what I see (this is not an official picture):
  9. That's the schedule I'm hoping for but I assume 2016 will be busy with the KG12 and Gunfighter variants. I'm eagerly waiting for a "Ручка ПАК-ФА от ВКБ" thread though! (old prototype (2012-1013?))
  10. Congratulations on the presentation page design! (information relayed on the Eagle Dynamics forum )
  11. Привет! I know there is a lot of parallel projects on the bench, but is there any idea about the ETA for the ПАК-ФА stick/handle project? 2017? Thanks.
  12. Hi, The workaround I'm using to avoid the system connection/disconnection signals is to start the VKB Device Config software when Windows (8.1/10) starts. That way your devices are always ON (no more annoying sound alerts).
  13. Поздравляю! It's great to read a detailed review on Mudspike on such a great device (I own the MkII). Also: congratulations for the new partnership. It should provide a well deserved visibility and success to VKB in the United States!
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