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  1. Da, da Remember to vote. By historical accuracy we understand also slowly building a system similar to ADW points and plane lines. Basic plane -> advanced plane -> premium plane all of them collected by points ( ground kills priority to motivate people for not flying only on 7-8 km )
  2. @Krauz With online game specification & limitation full accuracy is impossible. However basic historical conditions might be achieved. Wait for the results and be more optimistic
  3. @Krauz TAW все еще находится в стадии разработки. Даже у нас было более 10 сезонов, все они должны были быть сделаны шаг за шагом. Мы нашли, что работает, а что нет. Что мы должны изменить и т. Д. Но планшет и игровой процесс сейчас в беспорядке. MC 202 в начале 1941 года, с автоматами ... (было около 1 до 5 самолетов с этим оборудованием в 1942-1943 годах) P-40 E в начале 1941 года, когда был только Томагавк IIB (медленнее, худшая огневая мощь и т. Д.) 109 F-4 с 20-мм орудийным оружием (в действительности было 5 самолетов, летевших осенью 1942 года), и орудия использовались в основном на 109 G-2 Артиллеристы Пе-2 убивают 3-5 бойцов за одну миссию Люди, летающие на двухмоторных бомбардировщиках Пе-2 для одиночных миссий низкого уровня. МиГ-3 с полной загрузкой доступен с начала 1941 года Ил-2 был лошадиной силой восточного фронта, но сейчас никто не хочет его использовать, потому что доступны практически неограниченные Пе-2 ... Ju 87 G-1 3.7 CM, доступные с самого начала (фактически они использовались летом 1943 года в Курске, около 25-40 самолетов, и после этого они перестроили планер Ju-87 D-5 в Ju 87 G-2 около 174 самолеты) Ил-2 37 мм в наличии также из Курска 1943 Ил-2 23 мм выпускается с осени 1941 г. Spitfire доступен на нескольких картах, хотя на самом деле он должен работать только на Кубани (после переоборудования боевых единиц Кубани из-за деталей и проблем с новым двигателем) Ла-5 FN поступил в продажу в начале 1943 года, когда фактически он был в рабочем состоянии И еще много примеров. И LG летать с обеих сторон, красный и синий. Таким образом, у нас нет никакого частного бизнеса в продвижении любого из них. Поэтому нужна историческая достоверность. TAW is still under construction. Even we had more than 10 seasons, all of them had to be done step by step. We found what is working, what is not. What we should change, etc. But planeset & gameplay now is a mess. MC 202 at early 1941, with gunpods... ( there was 1 to max 5 planes with this equipment around 1942-1943 ) P-40 E at early 1941 when there was only Tomahawk IIB ( slower, worst firepower, etc ) 109 F-4 with 20mm gunpods ( in real there was 5 planes flying in autumn 1942 ) and gunpods were used on 109 G-2s mostly Pe-2 gunners killing 3-5 fighters in a single mission People flying Pe-2 heave twin engine bomber for single low level missions. MiG-3 with full loadout available from the early 1941 IL-2 was a horsepower of eastern front, but now no one wants to use it because almost unlimited Pe-2s are available... Ju 87 G-1 3.7 CM available from the begin ( in fact they were used in summer 1943 at Kursk, around 25-40 planes and after this time they rebuilt Ju-87 D-5 airframe in to Ju 87 G-2 around 174 planes ) IL-2 37 mm available also from Kursk 1943 IL-2 23 mm available from autumn 1941 Spitfire available on few maps when in fact it should be operational only on Kuban ( after Kuban campaign units were rearmed, because of parts and new engine problems ) La-5 FN available at early 1943 when in fact it was operational And many more examples. And LG fly on both sides, red & blue. So we dont have any private business in boosting any of them. That`s why historical accuracy is needed.
  4. Hahhah, Sera, I can help you! Doing my historical research day by day, evening by evening! 1. According to information around 30 planes with 2xShVak were build, sent to front line around May 1942 - 27 planes to VVS RKKA 3 planes Navy Aviation I still dont have clear information about MiG -3 gunpod variant 2. Around 10-15% LaGG-3 was equiped with 23mm, cannon wasnt so common, popular & cheap as ShVak was. ShVAK was lighter ~42kg to ~66 kg of Vya-23, and engineers were fighting for every kg less to make this plane lighter and more manouverable. Plus Vya production till 1941 was around 7863 pieces Source: https://www.revolvy.com/page/Volkov%2DYartsev-VYa%2D23?source=folders ( simple math total 64 655 pcs - 1942-1947 production 56 792 = around 7863 ) Another interesting source http://www.aveaprom.ru/oruzie-push-vya.php , which has info about 23 mm amunition finished in May 1941 and tests of 23 mm on IL-2 around May 1941. For ShVAK I can`t find production number for 1936-1941, only number is for 1942 - 34,601 pcs. So we might assume, the 1942 production can be a total for 1936-1942. In fact we might calculate the factories had much more 20 mm ShVAK than Vya-23 around 1940-1941 and 1942-1944 they were mostly using 23mm for IL-2 production. This is the data from N.W. Jakubowicz "Samolioty C.A. Ławoczkina" publication about some planes produced in Zavod 21, sorry for polish letters, I hope you will catch the point = arnament is uzbrojenie I-301 Silnik M-105P Masa startowa - 2968kg Masa paliwa - 250kg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 515/0, 605/4950 Wiraż na 1000m - 25s Zasięg - 556 km Wznoszenie na 5000m - 5,85 Uzbrojenie - 1x23, 2x12,7 Egzemplarz 312112 Silnik M-105P Masa startowa - 3346kg Masa paliwa - 410kg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 498/0,575/5000 Wiraż na 1000m - brak danych Zasięg - bd Wznoszenie na 5000m - 6,8min Prędkość wznoszenia na poziomie ziemi - 11m/s Uzbrojenie - 3x12,7, 2x7,62 Egzemplarz 3121422 Silnik M-105P Masa startowa - 3400kg Masa paliwa - bdkg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 421/0,503/5000 Wiraż na 1000m - brak danych Zasięg - bd Wznoszenie na 5000m - 8,6min Prędkość wznoszenia na poziomie ziemi - bd Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 2x7,62 8xRS-82 Egzemplarz 3121715 Silnik M-105P Masa startowa - 3280kg Masa paliwa - 340 kg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 474(457)/0,549(535)/5000 Wiraż na 1000m - 20-21s Zasięg - 705km Wznoszenie na 5000m - 8,6min Prędkość wznoszenia na poziomie ziemi - 8,5 m/s Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 2x7,62 Egzemplarz 3121255 Silnik M-105P Masa startowa - 3380kg Masa paliwa - bd kg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 462/0,554/4850 Wiraż na 1000m - bds Zasięg - bdkm Wznoszenie na 5000m -9,1 min Prędkość wznoszenia na poziomie ziemi - bd m/s Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 2x7,62 8xRS-82 Egzemplarz 31211232 Silnik M-105P Masa startowa - 3100kg Masa paliwa - bd kg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 466/0,539/5100 Wiraż na 1000m - 21 s Zasięg - 466/653km Wznoszenie na 5000m -6,7 min Prędkość wznoszenia na poziomie ziemi - bd m/s Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 8xRS-82 Egzemplarz 31212912 Silnik M-105PF Masa startowa - 3160kg Masa paliwa - 350 kg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 507/0,546/1950, 566/3850 Wiraż na 1000m - 21s Zasięg - bdkm Wznoszenie na 5000m -6,4 min Prędkość wznoszenia na poziomie ziemi - bd m/s Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7 Egzemplarz 31213445 Silnik M-105PF Masa startowa - 3365kg Masa paliwa - 350 kg Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 501/0,545/2150, 560/4100 Wiraż na 1000m - 21-22s Zasięg - bdkm Wznoszenie na 5000m -7,3 min Prędkość wznoszenia na poziomie ziemi - bd m/s Uzbrojenie - 1x37, 1x12,7 Wg Pilawskiego: ŁaGG-3 -1941 Fabryka 23 Silnik - M105P - 1050 (1100)KM Masa całkowita [kg]: 3263 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 498/0, 576/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 900 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -6,8 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 2x12,7, 2x7,62 ŁaGG-3 - początek 1941 Silnik - M105P Masa całkowita [kg]: 3353 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 458/0, 535/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 829 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -8,5 min Uzbrojenie - 1x23, 1x12,7, 2x7,62 ŁaGG-3 - środek 1941 Silnik - M105P Masa całkowita [kg]: 3287 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 466/0, 540/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 848 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -7,9 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 2x7,62 ŁaGG-3 - 1941 Fabryka Nr 153 Silnik - M105P Masa całkowita [kg]: 3350 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 453/0, 532/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 823 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -8,7 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 2x7,62 ŁaGG-3 - 1942 Silnik - M105PA Masa całkowita [kg]: 3350 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 471/0, 550/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 878 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -7,1 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 6xRS-82 ŁaGG-3 - 1942 "odchudzony"(lightened) Silnik - M105P Masa całkowita [kg]: 2871 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 468/0, 571/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 960 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -6,7 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7, 6xRS-82 ŁaGG-3 - 1942 "doładowany" (boosted) Silnik - M105PF - 1180(1260)KM Masa całkowita [kg]: 3106 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 498/0, 656/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 982 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -6,6 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7 ŁaGG-3 - 1942 "doładowany i odchudzony" (boosted & lightened) Silnik - M105PF - 1180(1260)KM Masa całkowita [kg]: 2911 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 515/0, 576/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 1053 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -6,0 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7 ŁaGG-3 - 1942 Silnik - M105PF - 1180(1260)KM Masa całkowita [kg]: 3370 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 502/0, 560/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 1019 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -6,4 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7 ŁaGG-3 - 1943 "ulepszony i odchudzony" (improoved & lightened) Silnik - M105PF - 1180(1260)KM Masa całkowita [kg]: 2777 Prędkość [km/h]/wysokość [m]- 545/0, 598/5000 Wznoszenie na poziomie ziemi - 1122 m/min Wznoszenie na 5000m -5,1 min Uzbrojenie - 1x20, 1x12,7 According to the fact the IL-2`s had a priority in USSR and since 1942 they started mass IL-2 ( 1942) type production with 23mm cannons we can assume that usage of 23 mm on LaGG was very limited. About 1941 & LaGG, according to my data, 22 June there was around 20 operational LaGGs, around Moscov campaign around 75 planes of total around 550 planes on front line. Till the end of 1941 factories did a great job and produced However I would really like to read some info about the data So if you have any, plz post it! 3. About Emil, Friedrich 2 & 4 From 22 June 1941 at Barbarossa start Luftwaffe had 22 gruppen - 7 using Emils, 14 Friedrich, 1 mixed ( JG54 both F & E versions ) It was around 850 Bf 109s which 2/3 of them were F versions , we can assume most of them were F-2 ( first F-1s were sent to western front ) because first unit equipped with autumn of 1941 according to source Osprey Duel 65 Bf-109 vs Yak -1-7 Eastern front https://docer.pl/doc/1ns8nv+ About numbers Bf 109 F-1 208 pieces, F-2 1380 pieces, F-4 1841 pieces , ( of which only 240 pieces had gunpods MG151/15 with 15mm cannons ) source https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_Bf_109 Total around 3400 with recon planes and experimental versions About 20mm gunpods in 1942 5 sztuk planes equiped and tested in Tarnevitz center with this variant and later were sent for operational test to I.JG52 at June 1942 For mass production Kanonennboot was done for 109 G-2 mostly for western front to fight with 4 engine bombers Source: KAGERO Monografie Bf -109 F vol I https://sklep.kagero.pl/messerschmit-bf-109-f.html Source https://docer.pl/doc/nccn8ns Bellona Book about 109 F-4 Same info in https://docer.pl/doc/e1e0nn+ Osprey Aircam Aviation Bf - 109 So wtih total 1841 F-4 we might assume around half of them were sent to eastern front, because western units were also equiped with early FW-190 starting from September 1941(!!!) We might calculate around 800-900 109 F-4s on eastern front between Autumn (September) 1941 -and Autumn 1942 ( first 109 G-2 started to be sent to units from August - Septembet 1942 ) however 109 F-4 were in use similar to I16 to late 1943, mostly as a backup plane & in training schools. 5. 109 G-6 started operational service around July 1943 at Eastern front in JG5, first 100 planes with Mk 108 (version U4) were sent to western front around late August. Tests with Mk 108 gondolas were in operational use at late Autumn 1943 and used against 4 engine bombers mostly. I`m currently preparing some historical based planeset for TAW. I`m open for suggestions! Sorry, but if I would translate it it could double the post size 😄 😄 😄
  5. For support and participation in test stage. Other diplomas in fb page: https://www.facebook.com/il2taw/ http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/23728-1st-tactical-air-war-registration-topic/
  6. Golosovanije!!! Vote, vote, vote!!! 1. Planeset, limitations - http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/22542-tactical-air-war-planeset-and-limitations/ 2. Mission time - http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/22737-tactical-air-war-mission-time/ 3. Human Tanks, desant - http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/22861-tactical-air-war-tanks-landing-troops/
  7. Maxyman I`m just joking. Rest of it -> Language problem - bad translator, no intention to offend. This is a last post here, I dont understand what you talk you understand what I want and try to say. Bad translation ;// Plus no matter what I will do Red jelaous players will come and start to hate me :D like number 2 , Asasraniel ex-champion. If you want to continue come to speak on TS Polish or English language because I can comunicate in Russian only during playing IL-2. Poka wsiem.! p.s. I almost forgot!!! Also special greetings and thanks to MK.Mr.X p.s.2 About 1vs1 combats. Head to head shooting common in russian comunity is primitive and has nothing to manouver combat. Many of you play Counter Strike not an aviation SIM. 1 turn -> shooting When you guys dont have skills to win you go head to head every time. For me this is just pathetic and cheap without any style This is it.
  8. * http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sorties/778/=LG=Blakhart/?tour=4&page=2 KoooKookokokokko Kokoko KOKOkOkKoKOK :D I flew alone. No wingmans :D No one for help. No one to call on TS :D Maxyman, you dont have nor knowledge, nor skill. You have only hate because you are jealous. And because of that hate and emotions you will die many many times. Because to be a ace you need to have clear mind and cold blood. * Belka 1vs1, no problem but 1vs1 duel is not the fight on dogfight server. Yak1 turn, turn, turn, defend, call friends. Bf 109F-4 turn, turn, turn go down to ground, and is dead. :D In tournament type 1vs1 Bf 109 F4 climb, climb, climb and have unlimited time. Its not the conditions from Wings of Liberty. Anyway I`m not at home now, no internet in 3 weeks ;/ Maybe I will have internet 11-13.12.2015.
  9. Maxyman. Как я должен поговорить с вами после того, как был с помощью вульгарный язык на английском форуме ??? Вы персонально не нравится мне, потому что мое мнение Differetn, чем ваша, и я могу привести больше аргументов, чтобы доказать, что мое мнение верно. Вы не любите меня, так как я предложил вам тест поединки Як-1 против 109 F-4. Так ? Вы все еще хотите, чтобы действовать как ребенок, и искать "Public Enemy"? Як-1 характерно более или менее хорошо. I`v никогда не летал Як-1, но я знаю, как реагировать на самолет закрылков и Як-1 закрылков увеличить жалкий и плохо смоделированной в игре. Как я знаю, что? Хм, потому что это мое мнение не только как игрок с несколько лет опыта, которые только играть / летать в игре, но, как парень, который является активным военный летчик-инструктор, пилотажная член команды, авиационный инженер, магистр авиации. Я предлагал свою помощь Devs в качестве консультанта, но никто не хотел говорить со мной серьезно, поэтому мне было все равно слишком много после этого. Таким образом, вы все еще хотите, чтобы утверждать, ??? Вы хотите сказать, меня я не так ??? Heheh Як-1 + закрылки => отличная кабина характеристика + минимальное сопротивление + отличная управляемость на медленном и высокой скорости без ограничений + + + лучше, направленные лучше тянет до высокой G на высокой скорости И все это без каких-либо ограничений. Все это после нажатия кнопки 1 ... О стрик / пунктов. ===> Хорошо балл = wingmans + умение Дайте мне 10-20 wingmans на TS и оценка будет лучше (если, конечно, никто не будет объединиться, убить меня или сделать умышленное аварии / Таран). ////// English version ///// Maxyman. How I should speak with you after you was using vulgar language on english forum ??? You personaly dont like me because my opinion is differetn than yours and I can bring more arguments to prove that my opinion is true. You dont like me since I offered you a test duels Yak-1 vs 109 F-4. So ? You still want to act like kid and seek for "Public Enemy" ? Yak-1 characteristic is more or less good. I`v never flew Yak-1 but I know how plane react on flaps and Yak-1 flaps boost is pathetic and bad modeled in game. How I know that ? Hmm because this is my opinion not only as a player with few years experience who only play/fly in game but as a guy who is active military pilot instructor, aerobatic team member, aviation engineer, aviation magister. I was offering my help to Devs as a consultant but no one wanted to speak with me seriously, so I didnt care too much after that. So you still want to argue ??? You want to tell me I`m wrong ??? Heheh Yak-1 + flaps => excellent stall characteristic + minimal drag + excellent handling on slow& high speed + no limits + better aiming + better pulling up to high G on high speed And all of this without ANY limits. All of this after pushing 1 button... About streak/points. ===> good score = wingmans + skill Give me 10-20 wingmans on TS and score will be better ( of course if no one will team-kill me or make a intentional crash/taran ).
  10. Translator google is very bad when translating from Russian to Polish and Polish to Russian so thats why I will write in English. Sorry for that, I cant write in Russian ;/ I hope you will easily translate it to Russian. First of all. Gratulation for Gagarin and team supporting Wings of Liberty. Thanks for your private time and effort sacrificed in building the server and atmosphere. Second. Pilot score = (luck + cold blood + patience + self-discipline + manouver skills + 2 x shooting skills + 4 x experience ) + 10 x number of players in TS + quality & experience of this players so... Thanks for cooperation and many hours spent on Teamspeak for pilots: Aeroprop, Alambash, Agni, Bodia, Dendro, DiBos, Fern, Flint, Genry, Graphite, Kappe ( now you know I`m not a cheater from ADW ) Loki, Konan, Ruhman, Wahn, Vorlander and many, many other who flew with me. Especially to Flint who mostly flew with me in pair many good combats. Thanks all of you for your help, good missions & Thanks for saving my ass when I was making mistakes. It was really hard sometimes when we fle 3-4 pilots vs 10-20 red pilots on another TS. We didnt had chance to win the mission but we did everything what we could. Respect! Third. Respect for my oponents who flew against me on a red side. Respect for hard and brutal combats. Shame for some pilots they couldnt play fair and they showed they poor quality. Shame for teamkilling, shame for vulgar atitude, shame for un-fair tricks. Fourth. - conclusions - Disco in game should be equal to death/captured but now IL-2:Battle of Stalingrad is crashing non-stop. ;/ When Devs fix the auto-crash, disco = death - western pilots dont play for missions, they change sides and dont treat the missions score so seriously like russian speaking community It is possible to make registration for players ??? - AAA on targets is too weak, 1 plane can attack the target and survive - WoL Server need limited number of bomber & strike planes!!! Now players are making all the time suicide mission. No one care about life and aircraft. Take off-> drop bomb -> death ->Take off -> drop bomb ->Death-Take off -> Drop bomb -> targets destroyed-> Huraaaaa!!! We are so dumb and so good!!! We loosed 20 planes when attacking 1 target!!! Hurraaa we won a mission. ---> Stupidity ;/ Small number of planes -> better quality of the game ( like in ADW! everyone had only small number of planes, no place for suicide stupid missions!!! ) p.s. About streak 111... I was killed by intentional vertical crash when I was landing 2 meters to runway by player registered on the same day in forum with nickname Saratoga. 1 hr in Wings of Liberty server. 6 missions only... Accident ??? I`m too old to belive in this but there is no chance to find any evidence of someone un-fair action. Human jealous... thats all . Thanks again. In december I dont fly. 3 weeks out of internet. Maybe later. Poka!!!
  11. Niet X ja paszoł i letał jako Krasny na Yaku. A on mnie swojego zbil. On krasny i ja krasmy, TEAM KILL.
  12. I flew on red side in Yak1 1. No enemies over the airfield. ---> check radar on screen 2. No chances to bad identification. ---> killed in less than minute after take off, on screen only my killed plane and =FB=Said plane 3. 40 ak streak. => intentional friendly kill =FB=Said. log http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/162535/?tour=4 Please delete mission. Vote for ban. Sorry for English. Translator is bad ;/
  13. map bug - landed at north , german blue teritory status - captured ??? http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/154009/?tour=4 plus bug - map War Field - 109 spawn at grass - taxi slowly -> auto damage tail at start of taxi
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