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  1. Will be nice using a audi a8 seat (from a a8 d2)
  2. Please sorry for not writing in the forum oficial language. RGDS From Argentina.
  3. I say develop A modular bed from the start, Handle modules can be develop later, just use the current handles design as the first modules. Modifying for modular later will be a pain to implement, VKB will have no problem to use the already experience on modular sticks grips. plus will end the debate on features and have a proper handle for each use than end up compromised for fixed design.
  4. Modular handles will solve lots of problems. different models for different uses/planes, metal models, and even non slip models, or non split with twist? modular is vkb key.
  5. So no gladiator pro twist adapter...... http://www.vkb-sim.com.ar/
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