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  1. Завтра в 22ч00 по московскому времени . Нам нужны пилоты ВВС ​02.06.16
  2. Thursday 02.06 at 15h00 (NY) 22h00 Moscow http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Max 32 players Situation : The battle of Stalingrad is up we are the 08th October 1942, the sky is cloudy and the weather is good only 10 Celsius. The wind is from the NE at 2 m/s. The fight is hold between the Krasnoarmeysk, the German try to take the city but the Russian hold the city of Krasnoarmeysk. Some Russian boats are sailing up the Volga River toward Stalingrad to bring supply to the area. ​ Mission: AXIS the SG_2 under escort of the 4./JG52 will execute strikes on naval and ground targets. VVS the 55.IAP and the 9.GvIAP will CAP the sector South of Stalingrad with fighter and will try to intercept them to neutralise any offensive strikes . Execution: Phase 1 5min + 10min Briefing Phase 2 45min +60min Mission Phase 3 5-min + 10min Debrief If you are interested in one side tell me. We used the OKL and the 216th for coordination purpose. For the AXIS Side 1.4./JG52 Manu (Bf109) 2.4./JG52 Hauggy 3.4./JG52 Oggi 4.4./JG52 Miller 5.4./JG52 Jizzo 6.4./JG52 Yeti ​7.SG_2 Wolfert (JU-87) 8.SG_2.......(JU87) 9.SG_2.......(JU87) 10.SG_2.....(JU87) 11.SG_2......(JU87) 12.SG_2......(BF110) 13.4./JG52 ....... 16. For the VVS Side 1.55IAP 2.55IAP 3.216th 4.216th 5.19GvIAP 6.19GvIAP 7.19GvIAP 8.6./ZG1_GrendelsDad 16. We will use our own TS channel for the event. Info for TS will be sent by mail. We are in need of 6-8 VVS fighter
  3. Roger that, 3X Ju-87 SG_2 for 26.05 event coop will send you info today by mail. Thank you Bars !
  4. The Small Coop Campaign NA/EU at :http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/22170-small-coop-campaign-naeu/?p=359405 25th May 20h00 EDT http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ and:http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/22170-small-coop-campaign-naeu/?p=360068 26th May 15h00 EDT http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ You are all welcome any number are allowed. 10-15 Ju-87 if you want.
  5. Next SNBF mission Saturday 28th May 2016 at 15H00 EDT (NY) check your timing here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Mission Time: 07:18-10:00 Conditions: Clear. Light wind from the Northeast. Situation: Pe-2s strike Axis Factory Targets as VVS ground attack aircraft continue forward base attacks. KG27 stages a dawn attack while Stukas hammer 64th Army logistics. Autumn is here as the 14th Pzd advance on Stalingrad continues. **Patrol areas and Targeting to be relayed via PM to each side. *SNBF Server (to be confirmed) Settings will be Full CEM, No Icon, No Navigational aides. *TS will be the Official BoS server ( password bos2014; in one of the MP Channels. Planeset: Axis He-111 or Ju-88 (4-9) Ju-87 (5-10) BF-109G (8) BF-110E (2) 109F-4 (2) 109E7 (2) VVS IL2-42 (7) Pe-2 s.87 (5) Lagg-3 (4) Yak-1 (8) I-16 (4) Thanks to Tx Tip. The link for the thread : http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20918-saturday-night-bombers-flight/?p=359788
  6. Excellent, we will wait for you next week. I will post the roster here next week too.
  7. Hi Wolfert and Red October I repeat the event each week. One week for NA timing at 19h00 and one week for EU timing at 15h00. This week the timing is 19h00 (EDT) NY time : http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Next week at 15h00 (EDT) NY. Here is the info for this week: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20918-saturday-night-bombers-flight/?p=358491
  8. Вот информация для ВВС https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3Ap7wjlquvEdUZKWjI4Uk0zQU0&usp=sharing
  9. Moderator can you delete the mission the post 18 since I can't edit it and made a lot of manipulations. Thank you. BattlefrontMission time is at April 02 16:00 UTC-4 New-York BattlefrontMission time is at April 02 20:00 UTC London BattlefrontMission time is at April 02 23:00 UTC+3 Moscow
  10. Saturday Night Bomber Flights Mission #7, April 02 @ 15h00 EST (GMT-5): Battlefront Situation: The battle is still raging the 64th Army is still fighting at Novomaksimovsky with th 14th PzD. Both sides consider options while using tactical and logistical strike on their rear. The 14th PzD drive to Stalingrad during the summer of 1942 continues. Latest AAR... ***Please note Time at 15:00 EST. **Patrol areas and Targeting to be relayed via PM to each side. *Coconut server(SNBF) Settings for Saturday Night Bomber Flights will be Full CEM, No Icon, No Navigational aides. *TS will be the Official BoS server ( password bos2014; in one of the MP Channels. Axis He-111 (6) 1-Stab/JG26_5tuka Ju-87 (8) BF-109F (8) 1-4./JG52 Manu 2-4./JG52 Neun 3-4./JG52 Hund 4-4./JG52 Miller 5-4./JG52 Jizzo 6-4./JG52 Oggi 7- 8- BF-110E (4) 1-6./ZG1_GrendelsDad 2-Jade_Monkey Mc202 (2) Pz MkIII (3) VVS IL-2 (6) 1-curiousGamblerr (leader) 2-Napping-Man 3-JimTM Pe-2 (6) Lagg-3 (4) Yak-1 (8) T-34 (3) Hope to see you flying !
  11. I'm not sure on what I've done was looking to edit. But Moderator can you keep it alive and not delete it.
  12. К сожалению, я не говорю по-русски so moderator can move my thread. К сожалению, я не говорю по-русски, но я хочу пригласить вас в наш субботний матч! Hi all, the SNBF is a event from the FNBF made by @Tx_Tip. Meaning Saturday Night Bomber Flight, the event is a small campaign of 2-3 hours with objectives with order of missions on each elements to fulfill during the campaign, some maps and recce photo are send to participants. It's an event held every week the Saturday, we alternate from 15H00 (GMT-5) for EU and 20H00 (GMT-5) for NA. It's a popular event here. But we need some guys from the Russian-speaking forums to fulfil some places, the event is made for nearly 32 players on each side (64players). If you are interested to participate here is the link http://forum.il2stur...bombers-flight/ . And put that you are interested in free position like MIG-3 or YAK1... I suggest that at least for command and control that the leader of elements are able to read English. We have already someone who have some basic knowledge of Russian too, @Lucas_From_Hell during campaign. Our server is from Sweden too. Hope to see you participate at this international cooperation.
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