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  1. Декабрь 1941 года. 5 декабря 1941 года Красная армия перешла в контрнаступление по всему фронту под Москвой, проведя при этом ряд успешных фронтовых наступательных операций и отбросила врага от столицы... Это была наша первая стратегическая победа над вермахтом. В то же время силы вермахта смогли сохранить фронт и Ржевско-Вяземский плацдарм. Необходимо уничтожить укреп-район и Ж.Д. станцию. Вылет на сопровождение Ил-2 выделена наша эскадрилья и пара Як-1. В наушниках прозвучала команда взлёт! Всем участникам и соавторам спасибо! Всё было супер! Хотелки: Хотелось бы заканчивать эвент по событиям выполнения поставленного задания + 20 мин. на реабилитацию проигравшей команды.
  2. В ТС DEDов перенесли комнаты для интуристов соответственно командам:
  3. Это первый вылет, а у нас уже 3-й. Можно добавить.... Goals: All three goals in the border areas (10-20 km from the front line) for face - destroy two. 1. Attacking side-two 2. Allowed number of participants-84: Three airfields on each side are concentrated: Luftwaffe: Bf-109E7 - 30 (4xSC50) Bf-109F2 - 20 Bf-109F4 - 30 MC-202 - 10 Bf-110E2-30 Ju-87D3 - 20 Ju-88A4-20 THE RED ARMY AIR FORCE: I-16-20 (ShKas, ShVak) The MiG-3 - 30 (2xBS) Yak-1.69-10 P-40 - 20 Il-2.41-30 (6hfab100) Il-2.42-10 (VYA-23, 4hfab100,8hros82) PE-2.35-20 PE-2.87-10 3. Rules of departure (read carefully, the rules are changed!): - CAPTIVITY = DEATH = DEFEATED LA = exit from the server or the shooter (if not in captivity)... Rule one life, one departure with repair. Free AIRCRAFT or other types of AIRCRAFT for repeated flights is not PROVIDED! "Dead" pilots, in agreement with the commander of the AIRCRAFT, can take the place of the air arrow, and in the case of "death of the arrow", just leave the server. Leaving LA with parachute in case his damage, permits to participate in further departures only in role shooters, if s gaming statistics under completing the surveillance not counted pilot (arrow) "death" or "capturing", under this again same with resolution commander hand. - When you start the server, after appearing at the airport for 10 minutes, "Departure is prohibited" (there will be a flashing message in red), while-allowed to start the engine, taxiing to the ground and collecting formations over their airfield. After 5 minutes from start of the mission, the staff of the parties will give tasks for everyone - it will target, and which areas should cover the defending side. To view the nature of the target, you must move the mouse pointer to the center of the object icon. In 15 minutes after the command "Take-off is allowed" airfields will be empty and will not be available for the choice of LA take-off by both parties. On all air bases of the parties there is a possibility of repair, refueling and arms of LA. It is IMPORTANT! Recharge weapons will be carried out by what was selected on the AIRCRAFT at the first takeoff (this is a feature of the game function). - 165 minutes have been allotted for the task by the aircraft of the parties. After this time, the task will not be possible. The selection of the winning side, in this case, will be carried out on points. (the duration of the entire mission is 180 minutes) ATTENTION!: The commanders of parties must choose your playset from the proposed number and types of AIRCRAFT (they will all be on the map). After 25 minutes after the start of the mission (15 minutes after the command "Takeoff allowed"), no AIRCRAFT will be possible until the very end of the mission. STEERING REPAIRS and pulling your ass out of battle when damaged! register Регистрация на вылет здесь Будь всегда огурцом....)))) В любом виде.
  4. Не верное описание кнопки. Тут нужно точно. Подсказка тут:
  5. Planned group flight (until 19.10.19 at 21.00 GMT.) "In the sky Moscow region, winter of 41 th", departure 3 th Situation: December 1941. On December 5, 1941, the Red army launched a counter-offensive along the entire front near Moscow, carrying out a number of successful front-line offensive operations and driving the enemy away from the capital. During the battle, the German troops suffered a tangible defeat. As a result of the counteroffensive and the General offensive, they were pushed back 100-250 km. Tula, Ryazan and Moscow regions, many areas of the Kalinin, Smolensk and Orel regions Were completely liberated. The red Army in the battle of Moscow for the first time in six months of the war inflicted the largest defeat on the main group of Hitler's troops. It was our first strategic victory over the Wehrmacht. At the same time, the Wehrmacht forces were able to maintain the front and The Rzhev-Vyazma bridgehead. The Soviets failed to defeat army group Center. Thus, the decision on the possession of the strategic initiative was postponed until the summer campaign of 1942. Goals: All three goals in the border areas (10-20 km from the front line) for face - destroy two.
  6. Отруби, запрети, отключи всё что тебе не нужно! Это десятка же. Найди в инете много гайдов. И сделай принт-скрин процесса каторый загружает так сильно комп.
  7. Я так же поддерживаю твой вариант - именно от 0- ну наверное 2 км. В любом случае так как сейчас это попа. Лоды теряешь в 500 м.(ведомого). Попробуй полетать с прицелом И -16 времени 37-40 гг. Там как раз типа того. Отследить при манёвре цель не возможно - улетает из прицела (орлиного_). Зы В тундре был такой опыт. Давно приводил примеры тут: Опубликовано: 22 ноября 2018
  8. Этим заведует добрый и ужасный 😎 -DED-Zlodey Руслан сделаешь?
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