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  1. Remove the old wires and put the new ones exactly like in video. On your device only the wires have been swapped, the electronic board and connections are the same.
  2. The joystick in the video is a Gladiator MKII. You should follow exactly the instructions from video to make it work. Original Gladiator MKII wiring is Red-White-Black, the adapter is Red-Yellow-Black for the same side of the connector. So except of having Yellow instead of White nothing changs in the order of the wires.
  3. Do this to get Elite Dangerous recognize all the buttons on Space Gladiator: Open VKBDevCFG, go to Global/Common - set #Butt to 32 and VC to 2. Press Set button. Try again in game.
  4. GFII could be installed only on the top of the plate. New GFIII could be installed both on top and under the mounting plate.
  5. The bolts in Gladiator MKI adapter kit are thicker so they could fit in the frame holding the cams. You could install MCG Pro Rev B on both, but it is not recommended as it could put too much pressure on the springs and plastic cams. I've tried it and it works well for games like IL-2 or DCS (avia), but the cams might break in games like Star Citizen, where you pull the grip a lot. With the new springs in the kit the MCG Pro returns nicely to the center. Also the Master Mode axes are disabled in the Configurator as they can't fit within the 8 axes/ device limitation.
  6. Поэтому я снова изменил файл cfg следующим образом: в режиме Red Mode есть 1 набор кнопок, в режиме Red - второй набор кнопок с нажатым мизинцем, а в режиме Green - третий набор. Это довело бы общее количество входов до 59 (включая кнопки «Mode» и «Pinky»), так что его бы распознал Ил-2. Когда у меня будет еще немного времени, я попытаюсь добавить второй набор Pinky в Green Mode (еще 19 входов, но это превысит ограничение в 64 кнопки в IL-2, но его можно использовать с той же конфигурацией в DCS). Пытался быть кратким, поскольку я использую Google переводчик, извините, если это не достаточно я
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