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  1. This is a team of 380 x 340 fins Squadrons. are Viipuri and Kotka and of course Leningrad. The blue dots are green. Bigger roundels are historical bomber airfields or their working bases. NOTICE: The Kotka-Lavansaari area is a map of the dogfight map. It is 80km x 80km and mostly sea so it is our small exercise work to learn the map making to this great game! Я пытаюсь перевести текст выше с помощью переводчика Google, потому что, по-моему, мое английское письмо - это не правильно! Надеюсь, вы можете прочитать это сейчас? Наша команда еще раз обрезала карту и становится все более интересной: Карта имеет размер 380 х 340 километров, и она охватывает большую часть полетов финской истребительной эскадрильи с лета 1941 года по осень 1944 года. Несомненно, самым важным городом в этом районе являются Вийпури и Котка и, конечно же, Ленинград. Синими точками являются финские авиабазы, советские базы красные, а немецкие базы зеленые. Большие круги - это исторические аэродромы бомбардировщиков или их рабочие базы. УВЕДОМЛЕНИЕ: область Котка-Лавансаари подсвечена, и это первая тестовая карта «воздушной игры», которую мы собираемся построить. Это 80 км x 80 км и в основном море, поэтому наша небольшая работа по упражнениям, чтобы узнать, как сделать карту этой замечательной игре!
  2. That is, my opinion is at least 320 wide . With 20 kilometers more it is possible to have also Novaja Ladoga to the map. It was a main and important Russian airfield on the south coast of Ladoga. After that Leningrad is more middle in the map too! By the way GANZ: have you read my E-mail?
  3. Hello Comrades and a Big Salute to all of you! Maybe you are interested in our Karelia map or Leningrad front-end project which has started on the last spring. We have seven active team members but we still need a couple of good Russian or Ukrainian map makers, Photoshop / Gimp experts and talent 3D-modellers to our team. We already have a Ukrainian talent 3D-modeller GANZ but we are working with it! I hope that this should be an international cooperation project. Our idea is that Russian and Ukrainian map makers build the Leningrad, Leningrad Oblast and Estonia.We Finnish team members concentrate to South-East Finland, Vyborg and Karelian Isthmus. What do you think about that idea? The current definitions of the map are: PLAN 1 is 280 km x 240 km: PLAN 2 is 320 km x 240 km This is cropped to 60 km more east and 20 km away from west, there was only one Estonia airfield Rakvere. Maybe this is how much more interesting if there are more Russian airfields as Shum which is about 70 km east from Leningrad. There are also so many scales of the size map! But at first read our English lanquage KARELIA MAP PROJECT information page, please! If somebody of you is interest to join our project, please contact me by E-mail: info@kanttorinkone.com
  4. Download recon pictures from factories and airfields! I cannot update my first post anymore, so you can download all the recon pictures from our VirtualPilots Forum!
  5. Finnish Virtual Pilots Association's IL-2 BoS/BoM server is now open. Server is currently visible in the MP menu with a name VIRTUALPILOTS - MOSCOW WARBIRDS Server is now running a, year in the making, War-Birds/Aces High -arena style mission with conquerable airfields. BASIC IDEA The map has several airfields, which in the start are 50% german, 50% russian. Choose a side and attack enemy airfields by destroying the ground targets there. When 80% or more of the airfield objects are destroyed, the field is "closed". When a field is closed, no one can takeoff from there. When a ground object is destroyed, an individual 45in timer will start. When it runs out, the ground object is respawned again. If a field is closed, and then enough objects respawn to bring it below the 80% limit, the field opens for use again. When a field is closed, the attacking party can bring in paratroopers with a transport plane to conquer the field. Because we don't have Ju-52/Li-2 yet in the game (as player pilotable planes at least), we have to compromise, and use He-111 and Pe-2 (named "germanparas" and "russianparas" respectively). And because we don't have droppable paratroopers yet, the conquering happens by landing and parking the plane next to the airfield tower (wait still for ~10s). When the field is conquered and after enough ground objects respawn, the field opens, and is now in use for the attacking side. The process is fully dynamic, and the field can be recaptured by the opposite side. When all the airfields on the map are conquered by one party, it is considered as victory, and the map is reset to original setting. The mission now also features factory areas which send plane resupply truck convoys and trains to the airfields. The convoys/trains can be destroyed to deprive the fields from fresh planes. Or, you can attack the factory area and by so doing, increase the time interval the factory sends resupply convoys/trains. Normal interval is ~45min, and if factory is 100% destroyed, the time gets closer to infinity. Mission goes in 14 hours cycles (from dawn till dusk) reloading in between. Reloading doesn't reset the map situation, but is saved, so the war can wage infinitely in theory. Server rules This is a total war server, so basically no rules, so any dirty trick you can imagine, if it helps to defeat the enemy, it's ok ... Attacking airfields basically demands for vulching, etc. Gentleman rules are of course appreciated (no chute shooting etc.). Server settings currently: - full real - no icons - no payload restrictions Statistics page: http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FINNISH VIRTUAL PILOTS are now asking you, RED STARS, to fly as our opponents on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of August at 20:00 – 24:00 EEST (19:00 – 23:00 CEST)! RED STARS BRIEFING FRIDAY Our radio intellicence has informed, that Finns are going to bomb the Russian Factory (location 1722 / 7). The Junkers 88's are going to bomb from high altitude but their flight paths are unknown. It is expected that there are couple of Bf 109 G-2's escorting the bombers. Your mission: Take off with the fighters and intercept those Finnish bandits! Russian Factory and Airfield's radars helps you with your task: Look after your Briefing map and sometimes you can locate where the enemy is! Russian bombers can also try to destroy he German Factory (location 1107 / 4). Finns are thinking that the Pe-2's are flying on the deck as the Sturmoviks, so try to this time approach from the high level before dive bombing those factories down. It is good to ask some fighters to escort either Sturmoviks or Petljakovs, or maybe both flights? SATURDAY Finnish are preparing a great Jabo-attack from their frontline Airfield Ryabinki (location 1311 / 2). We don't know what Russian airbase is their target but it is very probable that they plan to conquer the nearest Ivanonskoe Airfield... Your Mission: Attack to the Ryabinki Airfield before the Finns are taking off. Destroy them on the ground and try to capture their airfield. You must at first take an temporary air supremacy and then destroy 80 % or more of the stuff on the Ryabinki Airfield (look at the map below. there are 12 objects which you need to destruct). Read the server's Mission Briefing carefully before taking off! Download links to the recon pictures from factories and airfields (more Airfields is coming during this week): Welcome to the VirtualPilots - Moscow Warbirds server!
  6. Das_schnaps, I just send a private message to you, thank you!
  7. I am working with the Photoshop as a professional. Working with the elevation bitmaps, water bitmaps, terrain textures (landscapes and photo realistic airfields and towns), terrain objects and other game map stuff is very familiar with me. I also has skinned aircrafts and textured terrain 3D-objects. I have a LOT OF airfield and town aerial photos and maps from the Finnish - Russian front and also from the German - Russian Murmansk front. I also know very much of the Finnish, German and Russian war time history because it is also my hobby!
  8. Here is link and couple of pictures from my IL-2 1946 Karelia map project which is now paused while I am checking the Terrain editor tools to the BoS/BoM: http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,48947.0.html And also one YouTube video when we tested the map on November 2015, so you can see that the map really works in game! https://youtu.be/mJkLdB0OG_k So I am serious and count me in if you are going to finish that beautiful Murmansk Map or anything else terrains where you need help!
  9. I am Finnish and ready to help you with this Murmansk map. I have made official maps to the american Aces High WWII online simulator between 2002 - 2012 as a member of the official "Campaign Managers Terrain Team". For ex. I have made a historical Karelia map (400 x 400 km Leningrad and Karelian Isthmus area) to that game. I have also learned the old IL2 1946 Unlock FMB and built the Karelia map also with it. My Karelia project is now paused because after starting flying with the BoS and BoM I saw that the WWII simulators future is just in this great game. So I also want to build maps to this game! So if you need help with the Murmansk map I am very willingly to help you with it. For ex. I can continue with that water bitmap, because I know it's a huge job!
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