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  1. JGzbV_Manni

    Дуэльный турнир "Царь горы" - Як-1!

    my sincerest condolences!
  2. JGzbV_Manni

    Дуэльный чат

    I spent the last 10 years promoting 1vs1 and 2vs2 championships in English / german communities. believe me when I say it´s not worth the effort. It´s simply NOT their idea of having fun in a flight-sim. I didn´t choose this Bulgarian wingman voluntarily - there was simply no other option
  3. JGzbV_Manni

    Дуэльный чат

    all who matter (me ) are aware
  4. JGzbV_Manni

    Дуэльный сервер

    -DED- squad took over business thx Rapidus for providing a platform for duel fanatics.
  5. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    @Vachik the server is for duels and 2vs2 (4vs4 if we ever get enough people ) for training shooting on bombers and from bombers i think the QickMission builder is enough?!
  6. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    Hi Belka, the server is paid & will run as long as there is intrest in duels. Anyway - thx for your offer
  7. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    thx guys!
  8. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    dserver freeze - i restarted it.
  9. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    if you want to see who is flying on duel server: www.evil-team.eu
  10. JGzbV_Manni

    Дуэльный турнир "Царь горы" - ЛаГГ-3!

    if we reach 32: 1. JGzbV_Manni 2. http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/user/141-jgzbv_manni/
  11. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    10x2 = 20 + 5 x 2vs2 airfields = max 40 players
  12. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    new map is now running on both servers. A-J Airfields are 6,5km apart 2x2 airfields 10km apart
  13. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    i edited the existing map and added airfields. plz report if ok. I can´t lock the fuel to 30% yet - so you still need to trust your opponent a few more weeks. A-J Airfields are 6,5km apart 2x2 airfields 10km apart
  14. JGzbV_Manni

    Просьба: дуэльная карта

    default fuel for all planes is now 30%
  15. JGzbV_Manni

    Дуэльный турнир "Царь горы" - BF-109F4

    sorry to interupt... learning to fly duels requires a lot of dedication, as its a long and frustrating path. help from veterans will only shorten it slightly. if someone isn't willing to search for help/server password/rules he won't fly duels for more then few days anyway, even when every tini information is presented within the game and everyone is willing to help. so if you aren't willing to search for the path for 30min in various forums, you won't walk it anyway even if someone tells you the direction. you can't expect to join an onlinewar without reading the rules on some page. here its even alot more complex and time consuming.