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  1. Original CH Products potentiometer*  and parts:




    Contacless sensot (KMZ41) replacement (from Germany):




    *This potentiometer are "joystick" potentiometer, model with limited ~60º of "effective electric angle" or, resistive trail work only in this limited angle.



  2. 11/24/2020 at 12:30 PM, Mimino said:







    An alternative is se an Rotary Switch wired like an Encoder, following the "Truth Table".


    An rotary switch has a better tactile feedback between position than Encoder.

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  3. Downside of this settings is that need use two buttons, one for trigger and one for switch between trigger profile  (mode), and the lack of feedback of what mode are selected, unless, as Olega say, use a toggle switch - not available in MS FFB 2, but easy to add, paralel to one of base buttons.


    Then result more practical use one of this button for Machine Guns and the other for Cannon, with the bonus that eventually can fire both weapons simultaneous.


    With VKB Gladiator - that have only 3 buttons on grip, I use:


    Trigger - Machine guns

    Top button - Cannons

    -Can fire both simultaneous, pressing buttons together

    Trigger + Pinky button = Rockets

    Top button + Pinky button = bombs (bonus, can't drop bombs by "accident")


    I could have used Mode 1/2 button, but use this button require look at base of joy to know what mode are selected (Red or Green LED), not practical in combat situations.


  4. :good:


    Not sure, but seems related to Artificial Horizon and Directional Gyro instruments.




    In an flight simulator game just a cosmetic instrument, without practical use.


    What are the words used in this P-40 (Il-2:BoS) labels, the Italic font used make difficult to read. I the instrument just behind the red lamp at the right side.




  5. Английский - русский


    Can someone help with an more  "technical" translation for "Suction" to Russian? 


    This is for the label of the  pop-up that appear when mouse over the instrument present in the cockpit of Blenheim, Kittyhawk, Tomahawk, Blenheim... of CloD (Cliffs of Dover  - Battle of Britain).




    For English version of CloD was used the term will be:
    "Suction gauge"

    For Spanish version:

    "Indicador de succión"


    "Индикатор всасывания" is appropriated?


    BTW - Any suggestion about other labels?





  6. 24.09.2020 в 15:02, Motorhead сказал:

    Прохожу карьеру на Р-47. При возвращении на свой аэродром, с него начинают пускать сигнальные ракеты. Что они означают? Может, запрет или разрешение на посадку? Но ведь эта инфа по радио передается. Для чего тогда пускают ракеты?



    Home base shoot that flare just... for the case that your aircraft radio are damaged.  😁


    In game a red flare means that enemy planes are near and is not safety to landing.




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  7. 7/5/2020 в 8:24 PM, huligan сказал:
    05.07.2020 в 20:24, huligan сказал:

    настройка для объединения двух осей в одну есть? педальки авто на промикро посадил





  8. 23 hours ago, MYCYJIbMAHUH said:







    I mean only the measurements of the mechanics show in this picture.

    bandicam 2020-05-18 07-20-34-197.jpg


    The idea is see if fit inside Suncom F- 5 base, some guys want a solution for modernize this old joystick, keeping their original base.

    The height of 47mm show that is doable, but rest know the width and length - that seems the same.




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