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  1. It's a good point you bring up: the commercial driver doesn't work for 64-bit apps. With the open driver, I'm more concerned of user experience with installing it than writing code. You need to assign the "libusb" driver to the correct device in Device Manager as far as I'm aware. This isn't as easy as running the commercial driver's installer. Please contact me regarding the open driver's installation experience on github or through PM/email. Thanks.
  2. It's perfectly legal to create software like this. The licensing requirement is that the original authors are named in software's documentation (lack of plagiarism). It's of course poor style to create renamed copycats of open-source software, hence I don't recommend buying it. This software adds some minor functionality to opentrack, but nothing important. If there's something important indeed, just notify me and we'll sort it out the right way. If there's a need for supporting open drivers for the PS3 Eye, I haven't had the feature requested even once. I'm processing feature requests as normal. opentrack could have included an actual face tracker for a long time (thanks to the CLandmark project), but it's way less accurate than our preferred input methods. See that even Aruco is less accurate, despite being simpler to track than a human face. I haven't considered it worthy to include in the program.
  3. Hey, Can you check today's build with "relative translation on while not aiming"? It should work a lot better now. The initial transition is very slow for 1.25 seconds, as was requested by HOPPING_PONY. In addition, the center button can be held (suggested by CAHEK), and there are different transition thresholds. I'm mostly interested in "relative translation not aiming" results in WW2 sims. As usual, builds on http://opentrack.misaki.pl. Build version 20180312.
  4. Please tell me whether the reltrans "enabled when not aiming" mode is satisfactory for you. It's hard to keep track of problem reports in a forum thread, and especially respond. Please send a PM or open an issue on Github.
  5. I had your comment hand-translated. It's no problem to change the centering keypress behavior but only if there's a good reason to. The project takes feature requests with rationale only.
  6. Sorry, it appears there was a misunderstanding. Is that what you want? - Freeze while holding a button - Center when the button is released I can change the center key so it centers when it's pressed and released, both. Please send a private message so it doesn't get lost in the thread. I can only Google Translate. My Russian in school was very rudimentary and I can barely read Cyrillic, know very few words, etc. I got a good grade for being able to read at all...
  7. I apologize for responding to machine-translated comments. Hopefully we can understand each other. People making clips are just copying each other. BUT we did clip design, with Alex making a special engineering clip for this purpose. It works the same. It's a surprise Big thanks to Alex for his work on the clip design. Despite the normal open spirit I won't be divulging our idea. You'll see when the clip is sold. It may take a while for the clip to become available. Manufacture and quality assurance is a lot harder than releasing opentrack versions Having any LEDs to the side would work worse. There's special code guessing which point is which. BUT there's a new change -- centering will fix dynamic pose for caps! This was for a long time possible but I forgot it was See [1] I'm working on plugin support. That'll allow for wishlist-style functionality that few users need. Before 2.4.0 is released. [1] New builds are at opentrack.misaki.pl as always. See below for important warnings: - If you play Arma with BattlEye, copy NPClient64.dll and NPClient.dll from 2.3.9 to test build's "modules" directory. This won't be necessary for the final release. - There were few important changes currently postponed. If some functionality suddenly stopped working, send a private message or better an email to sthalik at misaki pl.
  8. There is now another mode for relative translation. It'll disable itself keeping a stable position for aiming. The logic is this: - mapped yaw less than 20 - mapped pitch less than 20 - mapped roll less than 7 Then, relative translation will smoothly move into the non-relative-translation position. It'll be disabled as long as the above rules hold. When it becomes enabled again, it'll smoothly move into the relative position. Please check the latest build at http://opentrack.misaki.pl and see if it works for you in Sturmovik. If the limits aren't good enough then I'm going to change them.
  9. This is unfortunate. Please report the long-standing bug in the hatire thread on github like before, it's probable I'm gonna fix them soon.
  10. I need a list of games that need max 180 pitch. Please send me the game names from opentrack's title bar. The method for setting 180 pitch will change.
  11. Hello, I need a list of games that need 180 pitch. Please send opentrack's game name from the title bar. The method for sending 180 pitch to games will change in opentrack.
  12. Sorry, no. opentrack asks windows what keys are pressed, and Windows says ctrl and alt are still pressed. I've had the same problem in different Windows versions with many different applications. It's not unique to opentrack. If there's a solution, I'd like to know of it, but I'm checking for the keys in a completely standard way.
  13. Hey, If you press ctrl+alt+del, Windows doesn't notify opentrack that ctrl and alt were depressed. The solution is to manually press and release ctrl and alt. It's not just opentrack that has this issue. All programs have no way of detecting this! Do you have other problems related to keybindings? Please understand that I can only Google Translate your posts and the meaning is frequently lost. regards, sh
  14. Hello, If you have detection problems in 2.3.9, please use the dev build at http://opentrack.misaki.pl made on the 13th of October. I'll make a longer post here later but for now you can see the list of features at https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/issues/688. regards, sh
  15. Big apologies for this! Changing settings to default was limited to sliders, basing on inspecting the code. Was anything else changed in your configs? If this is the case, there may be more bugs. Are you able to recreate the bug with today's build on http://opentrack.misaki.pl? I removed the binaries from github temporarily. Again great apologies!
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