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  1. Nothing was damaged, we inspected it. So was successful landing
  2. Thanks, very similar to Yak 52, its a bit bigger, a bit faster and carries more fuel, has less power 285HP vs 360 HP Yak 52. CJ6 they started making them in the 1950s and they still make it, mine is a 1972 model. I have the Yak 52 in DCS, the FM is good, but the landing is unrealistic, I can stop the DCS Yak 52 in 100 meters, I never seen a real Yak 52 stopping so short, our brakes are real bad, (Yak 52 and CJ6) 1950s drum brakes, and they lock up easily, in my CJ6 Nanchang I can stop in 300 meters and that is trying hard. P 51 in DCS takes off super short, not too realistic either IMHO Ditching in DCS feels more realistic, you slide farther and its less forgiving
  3. Landing is too planted like slow motion compared to real life. Take off , torque should be a lot more of what we have.
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