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  1. [TWB]Sketch-

    Международный матч в субботу

    To make things easier, I will show you the German-side mission breifing for this week. https://m.imgur.com/a/FTTm8
  2. [TWB]Sketch-

    Международный матч в субботу

    I do not understand your first question... is each airbase the same? No, each base houses different planes. Both locations are forward operating bases. They have bunkers, tanks, fuel tanks, trucks, ammo, etc. They are staging in the area to prepare for an assault.
  3. [TWB]Sketch-

    Международный матч в субботу

    The server has had 40 players on it with no problems. You can try the server out now. Just search for USA EAST - THE EAGLE'S NEST in the server browser. На сервере было 40 игроков без проблем. Вы можете попробовать сервер сейчас. Просто найдите USA EAST - THE EAGLE'S NEST в браузере сервера. Na servere bylo 40 igrokov bez problem. Vy mozhete poprobovat' server seychas. Prosto naydite USA EAST - THE EAGLE'S NEST v brauzere servera.
  4. [TWB]Sketch-

    Международный матч в субботу

    Sorry I do not speak Russian, but I would like to invite you to the resurrected Saturday Bomber Flights. We have plenty of open slots! Saturday Bomber Flights Hosted by [TWB] on May 20th @ 19:00 UTC: "Operation Big Baby!" Date: August 30th, 1941 Time: 1645 local time Winds: 1m/s @ ground level, 4m/s @ 5000m Wind Direction: From 70* (+/- 5*) Clouds: Light @ 600m Temp: 19c (72f roughly) ~~~~~~ Known Objectives: Ground Forces fighting around 1508 Russian controlled Weapons Factory in Karmanovo in 1508 Russian controlled Weapons Factory in Volokolamsk in 1315 Russian controlled Oil Wells in 1012, 1013, and 1014 German Staging Areas at 1209 and 1607 Russian Staging Area in 1511 ~~~~~~~~ Situation: Man of Honor (Men of Honor) ... Today our ground crews have completed the installation of modifications to your planes. Give thanks to the hard workers in Volokolamsk Weapons Factory and Mother Moscow. Your i16's are now equiped with new windscreens, and the 20mm wing cannons. The MIG-3 received wing mounted cannons as well. Furthermore, Moscow Factories brought in fresh planes yesterday. Speaking of planes… do not spread rumors about the MIG-3. Be lucky you get to fly it! If I hear any complaints, I will shoot you myself. Понимать?? (Undestood???) The following is your briefing for your next mission... ______________ Patrol areas and Targeting to be sent via weblink 24 hours before mission start time. Server is USA EAST - THE EAGLE'S NEST Sever settings for Saturday Bomber Flights will be Full CEM, No Icon, No Navigational aides. Teamspeak communictions will be hosted by [TWB] -> ts3.thewetbandits.org Backup TS Address will be the Official BoS server ( password bos2014; in one of the MP Channels. Pilot slots: Axis - 30 total slots (12 fighters, 7 attackers, 9 bombers, 2 transports) BF109E7 - 7 BF109F2 - 5 Ju87 - 7 Ju88 - 3 He111 - 6 Ju52 - 2 Allied - 30 total slots (14 fighters, 8 attackers, 6 bombers) IL2 1941 - 8 i16 - 12 MiG3 - 4 Pe2 Series 35 - 6 Signup via google docs ->> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyQ4mAHvC-e-EZnmwmGRATS5lyFVWQac9K6i1L89yToQWPxA/viewform Current Roster ->> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10p3bpeJcL-i__yac2I8sMG06WZMALNqY_t-NvRHqhr8/edit?usp=sharing